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In Search of Joie de Vivre

“In July 1932 the Nazi Party wins 230 seats in German parliamentary elections, becoming the largest party represented. Modern propaganda techniques—including strong images and simple messages—helped propel Austrian-born Hitler from a little known extremist to a leading candidate in Germany’s 1932 elections.”

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Like many others who care deeply about the ideals of American democracy, I have been riveted by the presidential election coverage of recent months. I devour almost every election analysis or commentary in the New York Times and Washington Post. Each evening my husband ­­­Rich and I tune into the day’s news coverage and analysis, trying to make sense of the presidential campaigns and in particular, the unfathomable rise and candidacy of Donald Trump.

This recently reached a crescendo with the reports that former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and avowed anti-Semite David Duke expressed his support for Trump’s candidacy and encouraged…

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