Today we begin to see and meet with the education secretary,  Mr. Tareto Nasari.  We will visit two Diocese Secondary Schools and lunch at Kikatiti to go over discussion paper.  Yesterday we met with 5 partnership parish committees at the District Office and discussed support, communication, exchange of visits and general partnership issues.  We are honored that so many took time to talk with us from U’loonga, Singisi, Ndoombo, Akeri, and Sela.  The visitors to Akeri, David and Andy, left last evening. Their visit assisted an important plan between partners.  We also met with the ELCA representative to EAst Africa, Barbara Hinderlie.  Yesterday, the Member of Parliament who represents Meru died.  He is an important member of Akeri parish and the funeral will be a state event as well as a very big clan and Meru event.  Bishop Akyoo will preside and many from the Diocese will be involved.  We will learn more about how that effects our visit as the plans are announced today.  This is a quick more factual update as the Internet has been very erratic,  Please keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours,  Aleta and Walt