I doubt that the world needs another blog but I will need to be in touch as we travel back to see our friends in the Diocese of Meru in Tanzania.  Immunizations are part and parcel of traveling to East Africa but for some reason this time I was overcome with the strangeness of it all. What in the world, literally in the world am I doing traveling to a place where typhus, malaria and cholera are possibilities?  This gray haired grandma was jerked back to reality by the doctor who smiled and said,  my real advice is to buckle your seat belts.  You are much less likely to die of yellow fever than you are in a car accident.   When we were retiring,  people either asked somewhat aggressively,  what were we going to do with all our time,  wondered if we were too young to retire or advised us to follow our passions.  Never in the discussions did spending regular time in Tanzania come up as a plan or goal or passion….but life has a way of happening to us,  maybe it is even a God thing,  maybe?  So,  Walt and I leave in 3 weeks for a 7 week trip to East Africa.  I hope some of you will stay in touch when I can post an update because I know we will need your encouragement, your prayers and your reminders to “buckle our seat belts!